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At the UO, an "explorer" is also a student who has not yet decided about a major or minor. If that describes you, you are in good company. Nearly one-third of incoming UO students are exploring major possibilities when they enroll, so there's no need to feel pressured to decide on a major right away. Until you have decided on one, taking a variety of courses that sound interesting and satisfy general education requirements can help you determine your interests while making progress toward graduation. So take some time to uncover the possibilities, broaden your experiences, and make discoveries before settling in to pursue a specific field of study. The UO has more than 200 to choose from. 

Advisors in the academic departments and the Office of Academic Advising can help you on this journey. Before you begin your freshman year, and throughout your academic career, you’ll be able to work closely with them—asking questions, choosing classes, and considering your major decision.

  • During IntroDUCKtion, the on-campus orientation program, you’ll meet with an advisor for undecided students.
  • Once you’re enrolled, your advisor will work with you until you declare a major.
  • You can go to the Office of Academic Advising at any time during your college career for more help.
  • Each academic department has faculty members who’ll answer your questions about their fields and advise you about specific major requirements.
  • The Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence (CMAE) provides self-identified students of color with additional academic advising, advocacy, and other assistance.
  • PathwayOregon students participate in a robust advising program throughout their undergraduate journey.

Taking time to explore before you declare a major is a strategic choice, especially if you:

  • have several strong interests
  • want to investigate new areas before choosing
  • are good at a variety of things

Check out these videos for good overviews of what each school and college at the UO has to offer.

The UO has recently instated a new policy on major declaration as of 16 February 2017. Undergraduates should declare a major by the end of the 4th week of their 6th term of enrollment; transfer students should declare a major by the end of the 4th week of their 3rd term of enrollment at UO. If you have not declared a major by this time, you are required to meet with an advisor to discuss your options. 

In addition to a major, you may also elect to pursue a minor. Earning a minor is a great way to supplement your major education with an additional or complementary field of study. The UO has 70 to choose from.

Happy exploring!

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